Luer Type/Compatibility

Luer Type/Compatibility

We get asked this quite a bit so here’s a quick illustrated explanation of what the difference is between Luer Lock vs’ Luer Slip (and a few other Luer related terms).

What is a “Luer”?

The Luer taper is a standardized system of small-scale fluid fittings used for making leak-free connections between a male-taper fitting and its mating female part on medical and laboratory instruments, including hypodermic syringe tips and needles or stopcocks and needles.

Ref: Wikipedia


Luers: Male vs’ Female?

First up, almost all syringes are a type of MALE luer (ie: they have a stickie out bit) and almost all needles, adapters, etc… are FEMALE (ie: they have a hole for the male bit to go in).

Lock vs’ Slip: Visual difference

Luer Lock syringes have a collar with an internal thread while Luer Slip syringes have no collar and just a smooth spiggot

Luer Lock vs' Luer Slip
Luer Lock Luer Slip

Luer Lock vs’ Luer Slip: Functional Difference

Luer Lock: Rotate needle into locking collar Luer Slip: Push needle straight on to the spiggot


Which Luer is Better?

Note: This is just a guide related to inkjet cartridge related tasks.
You may find you disagree with our recommendation and/or prefer the other luer type for specific tasks.

Luer Lock

Luer Slip

– Any tasks where the needle needs to be secure

– Any task involving sharp needles

– Cartridge purging/flushing
– Cartridge priming

The luer slip tip fits the fill hole on most refillable cartridges.

– Tasks involving multiple adapters for refilling on one ink (easier to changeover)

Other Luer Related Information

There are other sizes of luer, mostly related to the angle of the male luer but for the purpose of all OctoInkjet products (syringes, needles, adapters, etc..) all the syringes will fit all of our products and work equally well with both Luer Slip or Luer Lock types.

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