Brexit, International Orders & Christmas closing [Dec 2020]

Normally we would simply be closing for Christmas and resuming “business as normal” from the New Year, but 2020 has never been “normal” and unfortunately 2021 is set to be more of the same.

Due to Brexit and the current lack of solid information regarding shipments from the UK to the EU, we are choosing to stop taking International orders from December 18th at 12:00 (noon) GMT.
No new International orders will be accepted until we have concrete information on the necessary paperwork, restrictions and the length of time that orders will take to arrive for each country. Equally as critical we need to properly understand what import fees, duties and other taxes will be applied to customers in each country as well as those we will incur as a cost for our product range.

UK orders will continue as normal although we will be taking our last order for 2020 on December 18th at 12 noon GMT and shipping no later than December 21st. Order for the UK will continue to be accepted over the Christmas & New Year period but nothing will ship until January 5th 2021.

We know this will affect customers as much as it will affect our own operations but we believe it would be foolish to try and ship orders into a system that is likely to suffer significant delays, problems and additional charges that help nobody. So we will not be doing it.


Please note we are also restricting the type of shipping service available during this time to ensure that any shipments can arrive and not get stuck in the massive volumes that postal and courier networks are currently struggling with.

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