Ex-Stock / In-Stock Items

If you have a priority requirement for items that are shown as available / in-stock, please ensure that you:

  • Place and pay for your order before the shipping cut-off times (usually between 11am and 2pm each working day).
  • Use a priority shipping service. 

We recommend contacting us if your order is particularly critical, so we can check for any potential issues and help avoid disappointment.

Note: If part or all of your order shows as being on “backorder” you should place a separate order for the backorder quantities/products as any out-of-stock items will likely delay your whole order.


Backorder (Out of Stock)

Most of our product(s) can be ordered on backorder and normally we would notify you of when additional stock would be available as part of our normal replenishment process.

You may require products where stock is not immediately available and requires a priority order with our suppliers.

We define such orders as a Special or Priority Backorder and treat them as follows.

The following changes to our normal terms of sale:

  1. Any additional costs (expedited shipping, import duties) will be passed on to the customer for such orders.
  2. Normal volume discounts may be reduced, or removed entirely, depending on the quantity required.
  3. Special / Priority orders cannot be cancelled once confirmed.
  4. Any charges incurred as a result of a priority order are non refundable if a product return is required.

In all instances, you will need to contact us before ordering. This will allow us to obtain and provide the appropriate information on availability, costs, time-frame, etc.