This guide is intended for companies, individuals and/or institutions wishing to place a Purchase Order.

IMPORTANT: We do not offer credit terms.

Our pricing and company structure relies on a lean, minimal administration approach, particularly regarding accounts administration. There is no overhead included for chasing unpaid invoices or the administrative cost of producing invoices manually.


How to place a Purchase Order through

The most efficient way of generating a purchase order is by using our store and the “Purchase Order” payment option. Using the approach below, ensures that we have your correct address information, that you have received accurate pricing, discount and shipping information and that we can generate the relevant paperwork (invoice, etc..) promptly without the need for multiple corrections or delays.

Instructions for use:

  1. Go to store and add all items to be ordered into the cart
  2. Go to “View Cart” and adjust quantities required
  3. Go to “Checkout”
    1. Insert all relevant address details for billing & shipping
    2. Select preferred shipping service
    3. Select the “Purchase Order” payment option
    4. DO NOT click “Place Order” at this point
  4. Use the information provided on the Checkout page to generate:
    1. An internal Purchase Order
    2. A PO reference
    3. A PDF copy of the PO
  5. Input the purchase order reference in the provided field
  6. Upload the PDF copy of the PO using the “Upload File” button
  7. Once ready, click “Place Order”


Note: If your own purchasing system/process does not fit with the recommended steps above, we can still generate a quote and/or invoice manually however please allow up to 2 working days for this to be processed.

We always recommend using our shop system to at least generate the order information to and check stock levels to save time and generate pricing/discounts correctly.


MOV’s and Fees: 

An admin fee may be applied to any order with a product order value of less than £25 GBP (ex VAT).

Small Orders:

To ensure prompt dispatch and to avoid administrative fees, we always recommend purchasing small orders directly using standard payment options (ie: debit/credit card, Paypal, etc..)