Sterile, Clean products?

Sterile / Clean Products

While some of our products are sealed and sterilised during manufacture, our primary market is industrial, craft and non-sterile usage. As such we don’t provide products for sale on this website, with any guarantee, warranty or similar regarding their sterility, nor are we able to certify any product for use in a medical, cosmetic, food or clean lab environment.

Purchase orders based B2B queries are welcome where we can source specific product stock and relevant documentation from our manufacturer suppliers, in which case, please contact us with your specific requirements. In all other scenarios we would recommend purchasing through a supplier that caters specifically for medical/laboratory or similar markets and is able to provide the relevant documentation and assurances.

Sterilising Non-Sterile Products

We are aware that some customers have chosen our products to test and/or process using existing sterilisation processes (eg: Ethylene Oxide) to suit their specific requirements. While we understand that such treatment can potentially provide the necessary level of sterility required by some customers, we are unable to advise on suitability and/or compatibility with any of our products. If you wish to test the compatibility of any product with autoclaving equipment or similar, you will need to purchase a small selection of our products and carry out your own tests to ascertain suitability and/or compatibility.

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