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Checkout timeout issues

Some customers may have experienced some problems completing payment between 30th October and 2nd November. This issue was caused by changes to our web server security setup that made it a little “too secure“. We have since resolved these issues and orders should now process as normal. If any lingering annoyances or problems remain please […]

Product Filters…

The web store now provides a Product Filter that allows you to locate the product type and various features you’re looking for. Please remember to click the “Reset” button if you change product type so you don’t leave old filters active and inadvertently filter out products you want. For best results use from the main […]

New Syringes Pending

We will shortly be making new syringe and blunt filter needle products available including: Two-part syringes (with no rubber plunger) making them ideal as low cost re-usable items for industrial style use. 2″ and 1″ sterile blunt 18G needles with or without 5 micron filters Concentric and Eccentric (Off-center) luer slip syringe options Lower cost, […]

New Products – long mixing cannula, covers & more

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently been able to add a new product to our range that has long been sought but difficult to source. The 14cm mixing cannula is a sterile unit that is both flexible and uses a wide bore cannula that can handle bulk fluids/materials while minimising contamination. At present we […]

Holiday Notice: 10th – 22nd Aug 2018

Due to staff holiday we’ll have limited availability during the period 10th to 22nd of August 2018 Orders will be shipped as normal and we have additional stock due that will replenish some out-of-stock lines shortly. The key limitation will be for any orders that require administrative input such as purchase orders, quotes or similar. […]

Store Update – July 18

Store/Checkout Our Credit/Debit card payment option has recently been re-enabled following an update. Volume Discounts have now been applied to: 2″ and 3″ metal needles Precision 12G and 13G needles Stock Updates A new stock order has been received and will be added to the system shortly. New product items, particularly Precision/High Quality needles, which […]