New Syringes Pending

We will shortly be making new syringe and blunt filter needle products available including:

  • Two-part syringes (with no rubber plunger) making them ideal as low cost re-usable items for industrial style use.
  • 2″ and 1″ sterile blunt 18G needles with or without 5 micron filters
  • Concentric and Eccentric (Off-center) luer slip syringe options
  • Lower cost, bulk volume syringes of 2 and 3 part types

More details will follow once we have the stock added to the system.

20ml Luer Slip, (eccentric tip) Syringe - 2 part - No rubber plunger 20ml Luer Lock Syringe - 3 part 50ml Luer Lock Syringe - 3 part


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