New Products – long mixing cannula, covers & more

Sterile Mixing Cannula - 14cm (5.5in) long

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently been able to add a new product to our range that has long been sought but difficult to source.

The 14cm mixing cannula is a sterile unit that is both flexible and uses a wide bore cannula that can handle bulk fluids/materials while minimising contamination. At present we only have the sterile units (individually wrapped) but a bulk, non-sterile version is also available and will be stocked at some point in the future.


Blunt Needle Cover for up to 1.5 inch length (less than 38mm)

We’ve also corrected an omission in our listings by adding our Standard Needle cover for anything up to 1.5 inches (38mm) in length. These were missing for some time but are now available to order.

Lastly we’ve started to increase our stock levels for a number of key products where demand has been consistently growing.

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