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New Syringes Pending

We will shortly be making new syringe and blunt filter needle products available including: Two-part syringes (with no rubber plunger) making them ideal as low cost re-usable items for industrial style use. 2″ and 1″ sterile blunt 18G needles with or without 5 micron filters Concentric and Eccentric (Off-center) luer slip syringe options Lower cost, […]

New Products – long mixing cannula, covers & more

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently been able to add a new product to our range that has long been sought but difficult to source. The 14cm mixing cannula is a sterile unit that is both flexible and uses a wide bore cannula that can handle bulk fluids/materials while minimising contamination. At present we […]

Holiday Notice: 10th – 22nd Aug 2018

Due to staff holiday we’ll have limited availability during the period 10th to 22nd of August 2018 Orders will be shipped as normal and we have additional stock due that will replenish some out-of-stock lines shortly. The key limitation will be for any orders that require administrative input such as purchase orders, quotes or similar. […]

Store Update – July 18

Store/Checkout Our Credit/Debit card payment option has recently been re-enabled following an update. Volume Discounts have now been applied to: 2″ and 3″ metal needles Precision 12G and 13G needles Stock Updates A new stock order has been received and will be added to the system shortly. New product items, particularly Precision/High Quality needles, which […]

Stock update – May 2018

April/May has been a substantial resupply point for us  These include: All-Metal 2″ blunt needles – most gauges All-Metal 3″ blunt needles – most gauges 12G and 13G precision blunt needles 0.5″ to 1.5″ lengths Catheter Tip Syringes in 50ml and 100ml volume/sizes 1ml Luer Slip Syringes Product images are being added as/when we have […]

Stock Update & Store Changes April 18

Deliveries are due shortly for a number of new products as well as replacement stock for more popular items. We’ve also been streamlining our supplier order processes to ensure a steadier/faster re-supply for the future. Some newer items are proving more popular than expected so we are adjusting projections and increasing stock replenishment levels accordingly. […]

New Products & (UK) Shipping options

After our initial push to get the site on-line there has been time to review the information, products and services available so the past few weeks have been aimed at improving a few things. UK Shipping – Large Letter added This change means that small, low value items can be ordered at minimal postage/shipping cost […]