New Products & (UK) Shipping options

After our initial push to get the site on-line there has been time to review the information, products and services available so the past few weeks have been aimed at improving a few things.

UK Shipping – Large Letter added

This change means that small, low value items can be ordered at minimal postage/shipping cost for UK customers. Airmail already provides economical delivery for International customers so this helps balance things out.

Needle Sets added

We’ve now added sets of needles so you can, for example, purchase the full set of six 14 gauge needles we have available. Perfect for customers who want to try out different lengths of a specific gauge.

We will look to include specific length sets in the future (ie: 1.5″ needle set, 2.0″ set, etc..)

Secure Checkout Updated

All of our stores are now secured using our Extended Validation SSL certificate to ensure your information remains safe when you enter your personal details. This extends the security already offered by our payment processing services.

Bulk Product Listings added

A number of popular products have been added to our bulk listing section. Ideal for customers who want to be able to grab a bag of 10, 100 or even 500 units quickly.

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