Needles For Refilling

Regardless of whether you intend to refill ink cartridges, mix your own e-liquids for vaping or simply top up the fish tank there are a variety of needles available and we know that it can be quite a challenge figuring out which to get.

So, hopefully this little guide will help with some of the more common usage in terms of refilling.

Vaping (e-liquid, e-fluid, DIY mixing, etc..)

  • 14G :: 1.5″ (most common)
  • 14G :: 0.5″ & 2.0″ – Where length is unimportant or critical
  • 16G :: (as above) – Less sought after compared to 14G
  • 18G :: 1.5″ – Used by those who prefer slow & steady


Inkjet Cartridge Refilling

Canon Durchstuch (German) method

  • 20g 2.0″ (most commonly used/recommended)
  • 22g 2.0″ (easier to get through sponge, albeit slower flow)

Most other refilling tasks




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