New Syringe and Needle Products

We’ve recently begun stocking Sol-M syringe and blunt needle products and are pleased to be able to provide a significant range at significantly reduced prices including some of our existing stock such as the 18 gauge sterile filter (and non-filter) needles.

18g-2in-blunt-sterile-needle-no-filter 20ml Luer Slip Syringe - 3 part, eccentric [Sol-M] 10ml Luer Slip Syringe - 3 part, concentric [Sol-M] 20ml Luer Lock Syringe - 3 part 10ml Luer Slip Syringe – 2 part, eccentric [Sol-M]

The new range is available with considerable bulk discounts with a variety of luer lock, and luer slip types in both eccentric (off-set) and concentric (centered) slip fitting points. Along with the traditional 3-part syringe designs we’ve added a selection of the 2-part variety as well.

Other syringe/needle varieties and volumes are currently in manufacturing and not currently available although we’re particularly looking forward to adding the 2inch filter needle and 20ml 2-part syringes in coming months.

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