Minimum Order Quantity and Samples

Minimum Order Quantities Most products available on have no minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) and are all available in single items.   Samples: Because we supply end-user and reseller businesses, we ask that customers order the necessary “sample” item(s) as normal then contact us about placing a larger order once they have determined product suitability. […]

Luer Type/Compatibility

Luer Type/Compatibility We get asked this quite a bit so here’s a quick illustrated explanation of what the difference is between Luer Lock vs’ Luer Slip (and a few other Luer related terms). What is a “Luer”? The Luer taper is a standardized system of small-scale fluid fittings used for making leak-free connections between a […]

Sterile, Clean products?

Sterile / Clean Products While some of our products are sealed and sterilised during manufacture, our primary market is industrial, craft and non-sterile usage. As such we don’t provide products for sale on this website, with any guarantee, warranty or similar regarding their sterility, nor are we able to certify any product for use in […]

Are needles or syringes individually packed?

Almost all of our needles are packed together, loose and not individually packed. The only exception to this are sterile needle items, where the needles have a protective cover and are packaged individually in blister packs.   Syringes are almost always individually packaged and would only be provided loose/in-bulk if they were clearly identified as […]

Re-use, Recycling and Disposal

Re-Use, Recycling & Disposal As our background has been in the use of syringes, needles, etc… in inkjet refilling applications we frequently clean and re-use the products for refilling purposes. However, re-use of our products must be based on a common sense approach. ie: Does the product need to be absolutely clean and/or devoid of […]