New Products In Store

We have now updated and added a significant number of new products to the store.

  • All-metal hub/cannula blunt needles
  • Standard blunt needs for 15G, 17G, 19G, 21G, 23G, 24G, 25G, 26G, 27G and 30G
  • Additional PTFE needle lengths and gauges

Photos for most of these products will not be available for a few weeks but we are in the process of updating our discount rules to include these new products as a priority so bulk orders will be properly priced shortly.



New wider diameter needles in both 12 and 13 Gauge¬†(0.5″ to 1.5″ lengths) are due to be released on the store soon as well so good news for those customers who wanted something for really viscous materials.

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