Invoices, PO’s and Team Additions

Invoicing & Accounts Update

We have recently completely an upgrade of our invoicing systems and are now able to remove what has been a major administrative bottleneck. As a result we’ll be able to issue VAT invoices and and handle Purchase Orders considerably faster than the existing manual systems allowed.


Purchase Order – File Upload Disabled

We are currently waiting for a fix to the Purchase Order system that will allow upload of the PO digital file. The PO option will still allow the input of a purchase order reference and completion of the checkout process so you can simply email any other PO document(s) if needed.


New Team Member

We looking forward to welcoming a new team member, Helen Dempsey in the next few weeks. Helen will be taking over the NeedlEZ business development; providing a dedicated point of contact for sales, product queries and product development.


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