Discounts & Offers


Our products are listed with discounts applied at quantity break points. The greater the quantity, the bigger the bulk discount.

Price breaks are indicated on applicable product pages and you can view the actual amount for your product/quantity on the Shopping Cart and Checkout screens.

Discounts are applied regardless of the viewed currency.


Bulk Pack Products

We have a number of “Bulk Pack” product listings which allow customers to order single packs of X units quickly and easily.

However, such packs have a static product price/discount. They do not apply higher discount price breaks when multiple packs are purchased (eg: 4 packs of 500 does not apply 2,000+ unit pricing)

So, if multiple pack quantities are needed (eg: 4x 500 => 2,000 units total ) we recommend ordering the appropriate quantity via the single unit listing, not the bulk pack listings.



Additional discounts or offers may be available in rare instances where product(s) are being discontinued or B’Grade stock is available.

There are no introductory/first-time-buyer discounts or similar, instead all our customers get the same rates/price-breaks along with our high quality service and support.

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