Purchase Order T&C Update

Following a review of orders made by Purchase Order we’ve updated our Terms & Conditions to clarify how and when such orders can be accepted.

Key points:

  • Any orders with a total product value of £25 GBP (excluding shipping and VAT) will attract a £5+VAT administrative charge.
  • Any order under the above, £25 GBP total product value, will be charged at the base single product rate.
  • Discount rates published on the NeedlEZ site/store are not automatically available or applied to Purchase Orders.
  • We no longer accept Purchase Orders with restrictive Terms and Conditions that attempt to override our own, particularly with regard to our zero credit terms policy.

The short version is that Purchase Orders are a costly, manual process for any small company, particularly one with no dedicated finance staff.

We encourage use of standard eCommerce payment methods such as debit cards where the administrative burden is handled by greater automation. Use of Purchase Orders is still available but we suggest they be used only for larger value orders where at all possible.

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